Our Irrigation technology solutions deliver total irrigation control through automation, monitoring and real time analysis.

Precise Measurement and Monitoring

Accurate data is collected through a variety of probes and sensors, and accessed in real time through our Aqualink software for real time monitoring and analysis.

Intelligent control and automation

Entire irrigation and fertigation systems are managed from your computer, based on accurate information from your property. Our solutions operate in manual, semi-auto or fully automatic modes, determined by the user.

Sustainability and cost efficiency

Reduce energy and labour costs through automating water and fertilizer applications to plants in the correct amounts when they need it. Increasing plant health and production yield by maintaining optimal growing conditions.

WiSA has been a leader in irrigation control and automation technology for over 15 years.

WiSA solutions integrate with existing irrigation infrastructure, removing the need to change your existing equipment.

Our systems are modular by design, allowing customers to add to the system over time.

WiSA technology is equally applicable to all farm types and irrigation methods, and is currently being used successfully across the world

We partner with our customers to deliver sustainable irrigation practices and financial benefits.

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"WiSA is at the very leading edge of irrigation technology. If you are not using the WiSA system, you are not getting the best out of your farm."

Paul Bidwell, Avocado farmer, WA, Australia.

"Nothing has ever been too dificult for the WiSA team and the manner they have gone about fulfilling our requests has always been without issue."

Angove family winemakers, Victoria, Australia

We have over 600
installations around the globe.
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